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Spring and Summer have arrived in full bloom and that only means one thing, wedding season is upon us. For years, you could attend the same stereotypical traditional wedding, white colored everything as far as the eye could see. Nowadays, traditional weddings are a thing of the past, and you’d be surprised to see what color palettes men and women are choosing. If you’re unsure of what wedding aesthetic you want to go for, look to your home for inspiration.


What Is A Wedding Aesthetic?

Your wedding aesthetic is essentially your wedding style. It represents the overall look or feeling you want to create on your wedding day, from the setting, attire, and color palette to the tiniest details like flatware and place cards (Source: WeddingWire). Much like your home aesthetic, your wedding should represent you and your spouse. In some cases, you could copy and paste what your home looks like to your wedding design.


Look At Your Home

Your house should feel like it’s a part of you. From the things you like, to the things you’ve done, to things that bring you happiness. We’ll compare two design styles to better understand the aesthetic in a home: farmhouse and mid-century modern. If your home reflects the farmhouse style, you may have a lot of white and black from the wall paint to the decor used around your house. You may also use a lot of reclaimed wood, metal accents, and even have quite a few DIY projects around your home. Another common style among home design is mid-century modern. If your home leans towards mid-century modern, it may be more minimalist than that of a farmhouse. This includes wood tones (natural and red colored woods), warm neutral colors with occasionally a pop of color, retro-styled furniture, and clean lines.


Look At Your Venue

When looking for a venue, consider what your personal style is. As we just read, your personal style is reflected in how your home is decorated. To have a clean slate, your venue should lean towards an interior style that matches your decor style. If you’re looking to bring in your farmhouse decor style, look for a venue that may have a lot of land, or as cliche as it sounds, an actual barn (you’d be surprised at how many barn venues there are). A venue perfected for your farmhouse-styled wedding should have wood floors, white walls (or shiplap), large barn doors, and a beautiful crystal chandelier(s) or barista lighting. For a mid-century modern style, look for a venue that is near a railroad (or an old railroad building) or for a building in a downtown setting. Exposed brick, dark floors, and metal accents makes for a great venue for your mid-century modern wedding.


Put It All Together

By now you should have a general idea of what your dream wedding could look like. If you love the farmhouse style, your wedding may look a little like: A beautiful, renovated barn on a few acres of land. When you open the two barn doors, you walk into a spacious venue where there’s shiplap galore, barista lighting hung across the whole ceiling, and long farmhouse tables set up in three rows. Eucalyptus and burlap running down the center of tables and plate settings in a bright white color.


If the mid-century modern caters more to your style, your wedding may look a little like: A unique venue behind the railroads. Exposed brick and ceilings are adorned with unique light fixtures. Metal tables are lined up in rows with candlesticks filling the centers of them. Tablescapes feature vintage dishes and gold flatware.


Wedding planning can be so fun, but can also be stressful when trying to identify a wedding style. Take some of the stress off by taking inspiration from your home. Home is where the heart is.