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With mortgage rates still at a historic all-time low, a purchase pre-approval is more important now than ever. Buying competition in the housing market is steadily increasing, and pre-approval makes a buyer more attractive to sellers while bolstering your confidence knowing that you stand apart from other offers. Weber Mortgage breaks down three key factors of the importance of pre-approval for home buyers:


  1. Set yourself up for home-buying success

By gaining pre-approval, you’re getting ahead of the game, potentially cutting closing time in half with a pre-approved offer. Pre-approval sets you apart from the competition, allowing you to confidently shop and make offers. Sellers are more likely to accept an offer from a pre-approved buyer, because it expedites the purchase process while generating less risk to the seller.


  1. Verify yourself as a potential buyer

Agents and sellers know that you’re qualified to purchase their listing. Sellers can have a level of comfort knowing that your income is verified by an experienced loan officer. Most online lenders offer pre-qualification letters instead of pre-approval letters, which don’t verify income, leading to purchase contracts falling through. Verification of your income, credit and debt-to-income ratio make a purchase pre-approval a must-have before putting an offer down on a house.


  1. Know how much you’re approved for

Pre-approval allows you to know where you stand in terms of purchase power, or what you can afford. Knowing your range of affordability also allows you to determine the various communities you can look at for your home. Different cities and neighborhoods have different ranges of property taxes and HOA fees separate from the cost of buying a home.


If you’re looking to get pre-approved, check out Weber Mortgage’s Concierge Program. With our concierge program, you can get pre-approved faster and close sooner on the home of your dreams. We also float your rate, meaning you’re not locked into a specific rate, because your loan officer is looking for the best option for you. With two-thirds of the process already completed, all that’s left for our loan officers is to give you a thumbs-up on your appraisal. Contact us today!