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Pet Owners Guide to Keeping Your Home Clean

Our furry friends… can’t live with them, can’t live without them. If you’re the proud owner of a sweet pup or kitten, you know that endless cleaning comes with the additional responsibilities of being a furry four-legged mom or dad. How does one keep up with the additional cleaning chores when picking up after your furry friend? We have four life-changing tricks to make sure your home is always clean and never smells like a wet dog or your cat’s litter box.

Invest in Dark-Colored Furniture

No matter how many baths and wipe-downs your pet gets, it's inevitable that their paws and coats will accumulate some grime — grime that becomes all the more noticeable if you have light-colored furniture. If you already own light-colored furniture or refuse to replace it with dark-colored furniture, we recommend covering certain spots where you cat/dog mostly lays or to simply train them on not getting on the furniture.

Be Meticulous About Disinfecting Surfaces

Let’s be real… cats have a mind of their own. No matter how many times you’ve shooed your cat off the counter, they always seem to find their way back on the counter.  Plus, chances are you're also preparing your cat or dog's meals in the same area where you make your own. When you have a pet in the house, you have no other choice but to be a bit of a clean freak. It’s important to keep your counters and tables disinfected and germ free.

Use a Room & Linen Spray to Cover Up Mild Smells

Every now and again, you'll catch a whiff of something a little doggy or cat litter-y in the air. It doesn't necessarily mean you need to do a full-on deep clean; oftentimes a spritz of a nice room spray will suffice or a toxin-free candle that is safe for you and your furry friends.

Have a High-Powered Vacuum Handy

I can't stress this enough — a vacuum will become your best friend. Hair, dander, and dirt will always make their way into your home and onto your sofa, into the fibers of your rugs, and probably in every nook or cranny existing in your house. Getting a high-powered vacuum will suction away all the evidence your pet leaves behind.


Have multiple pets and can’t seem to keep up with the necessary daily cleanings? We recommend reaching out to a local cleaning company that can come weekly to help do the deeper cleanings so that you can maintain the surface level cleaning the other days.