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5 Stages of the Loan Process

We know applying for a loan can be a long and difficult process with many lenders but with Weber Mortgage, we try to make it as easy and straightforward as possible.  Here are the five stages:

Your Loan Process has started and your Mortgage Loan Officer will work with you to review your goals, collect necessary details of your income, assets, debts, employment, credit history, and will propose solutions to you to help you meet your needs.

Your Loan Application has been completed by your loan officer and you will receive initial disclosures informing you of your rate, the costs associated with the loan, and the term of the loan among other information.

Our internal team has reviewed your loan application and documents and feel it is sufficient to submit to Underwriting for approval.

The underwriting team at our investor has reviewed your loan and given an initial approval to your loan. With this initial approval, the investor may request additional documentation or information to gain a complete approval of your loan.

Your Loan Application has received Final Approval. You will receive final Closing Documents stating the final details and funds needed to close, if any are needed, of your loan including exact payments and costs.

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