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You could pay off those higher-interest debts by refinancing, to a lower rate. Weber Mortgage is the most reliable service provider if you want to consolidate your debt in Alabama. Even with less-than-perfect credit, we can help you lower your monthly payment and pay off your higher-interest debt. By consolidating your payments into one low monthly payment, you may pay less each month. Depending on the program that works for you, you might be able to pay off your debt sooner, which may help improve your credit score.

We have been operating since 1999 and have earned quite a respected place among the clients. Our experts offer superior rates and services for VA, FHA, conventional, non-qualifying, and other types of home loans. From the first contact to the final closing, your biggest investment is our priority. We make your home loan process clear and straightforward.

Refinancing Programs to Reduce Your Monthly Mortgage Payment

Refinancing Programs to Reduce Your Monthly Mortgage Payment
  • FHA Loan

    You may be able to refinance your FHA loan into a conventional loan and removing monthly mortgage insurance. This can help lower your monthly payment.

  • 15-Year Loan

    Pay off your debt quicker by refinancing it into a 15-year loan

  • 30-Year Loan

    Find stability and security by refinancing into a 30-year rate and feel good knowing your monthly payments will remain consistent

  • VA Loan

    Veterans and military members can consolidate all debts with one low-cost loan

    Not sure which program is right for you? Contact one of our specialists today!

When Should You Refinance a Mortgage?

When Should You Refinance a Mortgage?

Homeowners typically refinance their mortgages when current interest rates are significantly lower than the rate on their current loan. With a home-refinance, you pay off your existing mortgage and replace it with a new mortgage that has a better rate or better terms.

You may refinance to save money on interest or reduce your monthly payments. That’s because you want to refinance to make sense after you pay the closing costs which are often required. Use our mortgage refinance calculator to estimate how much you might save by lowering your interest rate, changing your loan term, and more.

Reasons to refinance a mortgage include:

  • Lowering monthly mortgage payments
  • Getting cash from home equity
  • Shortening the life of the home loan
  • Making mortgage payments more predictable
  • Removing mortgage insurance
How to Refinance Your Mortgage?

How to Refinance Your Mortgage?

VA IRRRL Streamline, FHA streamline, conventional financing are few ways in which you can have your required and/or suitable refinancing process done. But before deciding on anything make sure to:

  • Check your credit score & finances
  • Estimate your home’s value

To know more details and find out the best solution for you, catering to your unique situation & requirements, contact Weber Mortgage today!

Why Choose Weber Mortgage?

It’s human nature to build a family and every family dreams to have its very own home. Therefore, it’s only natural that professionals with a family-oriented perspective will realize the true passion for every person seeking a home loan. Weber Mortgage is a family-owned company and we know how important it is for you to find the most suitable loan & home that not only meets your desire but also takes care of your financial status.

Contact us today or call us at 205-751-8583 to take the first step in making your dream to own home come true. Our services are available in Grand Bay, Hazel Green, Jacksons Gap, Lower Peach Tree, Magnolia Springs, and other places throughout the Alabama state.