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We want you to get the rate you want, but who has time to shop the rates every day?

If you already have a mortgage you know that the rate you currently have was determined by what the rates were doing the day you locked your loan.  What if there was a way to CHOOSE your rate?

Set it and forget it!

Let Weber Mortgage watch the rates for you and notify you when your desired rate is available.
Interest rates change daily so it’s almost impossible to catch the rate you want on the day that you actually think to check.  We can take all the stress out of the process by enrolling you in our Rate Watch program.

What is Rate Watch?
We’ve developed a system to monitor the rates daily and notify our clients when the rate they want becomes available.  Just fill out a short form and when your rate becomes available we’ll notify you in the method you choose: phone call, text or email.

No Pressure and No Sales Pitch
Forget about a pushy sales person calling and harassing you because you filled out a form.  Our system is automated.  If you choose to be notified by phone a person will call you.  If you choose text or email you’ll just receive a notification and you can reach out to us for more details.

Loan Programs
Whether you’re a veteran with a VA loan or you financed using FHA, USDA or Conventional loans we watch all the programs.  Our Rate Watch will give you the choice to either choose the program you want or monitor all the programs!

What have you got to lose?

True, a 2% rate may never be available, but then again, who knows?  The ‘experts’ never believed the rates would stay this low.  Sign up for Rate Watch and maybe you’ll get what you’re looking for.

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