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Spring Gardening and Landscaping Tips

Spring is here and lets hope it is going to stay and the colder days are gone. After an endless, cold winter, gardeners are eager to get their hands in the dirt. As the image of bitter winter storms vanish in the warmer days of spring, it’s time to think about waking up the garden for the new budding season.

With so many different ideas and varieties of gardens, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed on where to begin. By planning ahead of time and getting yourself organized, spring chores can be a piece of cake. Here are some tips to get you started:

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  • Seed Starting – Start seeds of vegetables and annuals indoors 6-8 weeks before you plan to take them outdoors.  GARDENING ADVICE: STARTING SEEDS UNDER FLUORESCENT LIGHTS
  • Clean and prep – If you didn’t do so last fall, scrape excess dirt off tools, wash in soapy water and allow to dry thoroughly. Coat metal parts with oil to prevent rust, and sharpen pruners and loppers. CUTTING EDGE: 10 GARDENING TOOLS THE EXPERTS ARE USING.
  • Plan ahead – Make a “to do” list of projects to tackle, such as building a pathway or wall, staining the deck, or installing a new water feature. WINTER PLANNING
  • Prune shrubs and vines – Now is the time to prune roses, shrubs and perennial vines. GARDENING ADVICE: PRUNING CLIMBING ROSES.
  • Prepare ornamental beds – Start with areas where spring blooming bulbs are peeking out of the ground to spiff up early colour displays.  HOW TO MULCH AND AVOID MISTAKES.Divide perennials – Once new growth appears, it’s a good time to divide perennials. DESIGN A SHOWY FLOWERBED WITH THESE 5 EASY-CARE PERENNIALS.
  • Rejuvenate water features – Remove dirt and debris from water features and clean or replace filters. Turn on pumps and make sure water is circulating properly. FOUNTAINS FOR THE GARDEN.
  • Wildlife friendly – Birds and other wildlife help control pests, balance the ecosystem and add ambience. Install nesting boxes with the proper dimensions and in the right spot to attract particular birds. PAS


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